BIGSdb version 1.11.0 released

BIGSdb version 1.11.0 has been released and is available for download from Sourceforge and GitHub. This is the genomics platform that runs the PubMLST databases. This is a major release that provides the following:

New functionality

  • RESTful interface to facilitate access to data within BIGSdb databases by third-party tools. Authentication is supported by OAuth 1.0A to allow access to password-restricted resources.
  • Web-based data submission system that allows users to submit data (alleles, profiles, isolates) to curators via the web. The interface supports data generated by NGS tools.
  • Command line contig uploader script that allows data to be uploaded to the database outside of the web interface.


  • New icons (using Font Awesome). These are scalable vector icons that work at any resolution and allow CSS styling.

Improved account security

  • Passwords are now hashed using the bcrypt algorithm to resist brute-force attacks if the authentication database is compromised.

Performance improvements

  • Improved distribution of autotagger and autodefiner jobs between threads.
  • Support for multi-threading in MAFFT alignments.
  • Improved performance of scheme completion queries.
  • Improved contig upload performance.

Full documentation can be found at