Odile Harrison

About me
I studied Microbiology at the University College London and, after graduating in 1997, I undertook a research assistant position at Imperial College London which a year later turned into a PhD. The aim of my PhD was to study Neisseria meningitidis gene expression in vivo using a range of techniques including immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy and in situ RT-PCR. I enjoyed my PhD immensely even though much of it was spent staring down a microscope and examining biopsies. Being half-French I was keen to work in France after my PhD, so I was very pleased to obtain a Marie Curie two year post-doctoral fellowship working within a pharmaceutical company in Lyon, France. There I started learning about iron acquisition in Neisseria and I also became aware of how to use bioinformatics tools for sequence analysis and how these can be used to study populations of bacteria.

This sparked my interest in population biology and sequence analysis and, after my post-doctoral position came to an end, I returned to the U.K and started working with Professor Martin Maiden in Oxford. There I have continued in my interest of iron acquisition systems in Neisseria and I have also diversified and studied other virulence determinants such as the capsule locus, all of this interspersed with a wedding and two children. Since October 2013, I have also started working on a Oxford Martin and Wellcome Trust funded project integrating genomic and immunological data with theoretical approaches to identify novel vaccine determinants targeting Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis.

I have also been interested in teaching and have recently become a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests
Genomics, Population Biology, Infectious Diseases, Type IV secretion systems and encapsulated bacteria.

E-mail: odile.harrison@zoo.ox.ac.uk



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