Noel McCarthy

About me
I trained and worked in medicine, epidemiology and public health in Ireland, Sweden, Africa, and the UK and have worked in clinical medicine, tropical medicine, and public health. My research training includes a Masers in Public health at the Karolinska Institute, MSc in Statistics at the London School of Hygiene, and DPhil at the University of Oxford supervised by Prof. Martin Maiden focusing on the integration of pathogen genetic sequences in public health epidemiology (e.g. papers 21, 31, 33, 56) and have worked clinically as a consultant in communicable disease control and consultant epidemiologist with Public Health England. My main post is as at the University of Warwick ( alongside which I continue at Oxford as an NIHR investigator in the University Health Protection Research Unit on Gastrointestinal Infections ( leading the epidemiological methods theme.

Research interests
Most of my research has been in public health epidemiology. Within this my work in the Zoology Department has mainly focussed on integrating bacterial population genetics in public health epidemiology of human disease and overlaps with my main employment as a public health doctor with Public Health England. My wider research interest focuses on developing and applying quantitative and novel research methods to practical public health problems. In this regard “focuses” may be a misnomer as the work is fairly diverse.




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