Kenneth Barfod

About me

My research interest, which is the sole driving force behind my work, can broadly be described as a great fascination for the co-evolution of man or animals with a complex microbial environment.


Research interests

The main theme through my PhD, bioterror research and 3 post doc years have been how bacteria enter our lungs and affect immunity and health. I have worked with occupational inhalation of bacteria-based-pesticides, Anthrax-like bioterror agents and finally different probiotic strains in mouse models. Funded by The Lundbeck Foundation I developed methods to later show that the lungs of untreated animals are not sterile or a subset of gut bacteria.

My early post.doc work had a focus on the question: whether or not the lung microbiome is a “true” living community that can be changed with an impact on our immune system.

I am very interested in host factors that determine our optimal microbiotas and how this affect immune development, infections and applied probiotic treatments.

Currently I am working with campylobacter, chicken pathogens and microbiome issues.


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