Adedoyin Awofisayo-Okuyelu

About me

I am originally from Nigeria with a background in Nursing and Midwifery. During my undergraduate degree, I developed an interest in preventive medicine and then went on to study for a Masters in Public Health at the University of Birmingham.

Subsequently I worked with Public Health England first as a public health scientist and then as an epidemiologist with the department of Gastrointestinal diseases. I led on the enhanced surveillance of listeriosis and surveillance of outbreaks of food borne and non-food borne diseases.

I am currently undertaking a DPhil in Zoology with a focus on infectious diseases. My research project aims to estimate the incubation period of common gastrointestinal pathogens including Salmonella typhi, STEC O157 and non-O157 and Campylobacter. This will involve conducting a number of systematic reviews and meta-analysis, mathematical modelling and analyses of individual patient data.

Research interests
My main area of interest is the epidemiology of infectious diseases particularly gastrointestinal diseases and vaccine preventable diseases.

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